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Welcome to the Phoenix Marine Model Club
We are sorry to say that club activities are 
curtailed until further notice during the current 
Coronavirus Pandemic.  Please see the following 
links for more details 


24 October 2020

17 October 2020

5 October 2020

30 September 2020

28 September 2020

27 September 2020

    IMPORTANT UPDATE - Access to the lake - a new one way system is in operation but we still have access to the lake.

    • During a visit to the lake at Silvermere this morning we have agreed that PMMC Members can access the lakeside past the table barrier at the entrance thus saving the need to lug or trolley boats through the restaurant. A sign indicating 'PMMC only' access will be attached to the barrier. Use of the restaurant / bar will require masks to be worn and seated use of tables for coffee. / teas etc. This is the best we can arrange at the moment and I hope it works.

25 September 2020

19 September 2020

17 September 2020

11 September 2020

Last updated: 2020-10-30

We adhere to the safety rules and principles of the Model Yacht Association.