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Welcome to the Phoenix Marine Model Club


21 August 2019

18 August 2019

12 August 2019

    Club Open Day - Silvermere 11 August 2019

    • What a great day for all those that attended the PMMC Open Day event. Lots of visitors and modellers benefited from an unexpectedly warm dry day. Visiting model boat clubs from Hanwell, Eastleigh, Black Park, Whitton, and AMBO. There was constant activity on the lake with a mixture of sail and powered boats on display. The quality and variety of the modelling was superb with Alex McFadyen winning best boat of the day with his battleship FS Richelau. We were once again treated to her gracefully navigating around the lake. With the added excitement of the guns firing a broadside. A lovely time was had by all those that attended.

8 August 2019

    Victoria Series 2019 race day 07 August 2019

    • The third Victoria race in the series on a very windy and blustery day, that created challenging conditions for all the skippers. However lots of fine sailing enabled some lively and exciting racing for the duration of the day. Next race in the series 21st August.

30 July 2019

28 July 2019

25 July 2019

    Victoria Series 2019 race day 24 July 2019

    • A very warm day with a wind speed and direction that completely ignored what the Met Office predicted. The wind as ever was all over the place in direction, and speed from nothing much to not very much more plus a few odd gusts somewhere in the course area (well you all know what the lake is like at Silvemere)! A reasonable turnout of 9 skippers for most of the day although there were gaps in some of the races for minor repairs and some unknown and untraceable faults. As ever there were the inevitable bumps and tangles at the buoys as "water at the buoy" was an unknown term to some skippers and the odd thump or two in straight lines as well. It is surprising how you can learn a few more new nautical phrases at a race meeting!!

22 July 2019

    Silvermere Barge Match 21 st July 2019

    • A great turnout for the Barge Match Sunday. Many thanks to all those skippers and others who travelled from far and wide including the Isle of Wight, who made this event a big success. There were various types of Thames barges onshore and on the lake, which drew a large number of spectators from the terrace and restaurant area. Click on the headline for a full match report from Andrew Berr.

Last updated: 2019-08-22

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