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Welcome to the Phoenix Marine Model Club


11 June 2019

5 June 2019

    IOM Summer Series 2019 race day 05 June 2019

    • Fine weather with the usual changeable strength light to moderate wind conditions. Enjoyable sailing and almost incident free racing clockwise - around an 'M' shaped set of buoys - but with a couple of collisions tangling topmasts to rearrange the race results.

    Nice to know...

    • ... the global reach of Phoenix. Our club is helping inspire young modellers in the US! Today we received the an email from Tracey who runs a fun ship history and beginner yacht modeling class for 7-14 year olds in the USA. One of their youngest members, Avery, has also given us a fascinating link which details a timeline of ships, boats and yachts through the ages. Click the headline for details.

1 June 2019

29 May 2019

    IOM Summer Series 2019 race day 29 May 2019

    • A day that started warm with moderate breezes to sail in degenerated, at about the start of the first race, into good winds with rain becoming heavy, and after lunch - for the last three races - rain with lighter winds and colder. Some skippers had race results which surprised them and despite the deteriorating weather conditions a good race day was had by most skippers. The next race day is Wednesday 5th June gathering for briefing soon after 10 am.

Last updated: 2019-06-25

We adhere to the safety rules and principles of the Model Yacht Association.