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13 February 2019

    Frostbite Series 18/19 race day 13 February 2019

    • The 6th Race Day of the current Frostbite Series produced a balmy 11o and a gentle breeze. Nine stalwarts enjoyed follow my leader with David A one point short of a perfect score. Eleven races were sailed with varying results for the other eight! Only two more race days to go - make them count.Thanks again to Ian for managing the day allowing all to sail in all races.

    6 February 2019

      Frostbite Series 18/19 race day 06 February 2019

      • Once again no racing took place, this time due to lack of sailors and wind. Races are planned for the 13th, 20th and 27th. As five race days have been completed the Series is valid. However it would be better if more support is shown for the remaining race days. Please make an effort!

      5 February 2019

      30 January 2019

        Frostbite Series 18/19 race day 30 January 2019

        • With only 2 sailors (plus 2 Race Officials)and the lake iced over no sailing took place to-day. The next race day, scheduled for the 6th February, will be managed by Alan P as John W is away.Please support the day if ice free.

        23 January 2019

          Frostbite Series 18/19 race day 23 January 2019

          • The planned 6th Race Day proved to be a non-event as the Frostbite Series lived up to its name, with near freezing temperature and a biting wind. Although Five sailors turned up, one retired with equipment problems meaning not enough left to form a race day fleet. The remaining four enjoyed some good fun sailing, retiring before frost bite set in.

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