“What is 34+4+4+31+22 = ?”

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Headline: “What is 34+4+4+31+22 = ?”
Summary: International Model Boat Show, Warwick
Detail: If you said 95 then correct but not the whole story, the correct answer in my mind is “a whole lot of fun”. At the International Model Boat Show in Warwck last week (11th to 13th November) we had 34 club boats on display, 4 club members on stand duty (Tony Woodford, Stephen Griffiths, Martin Lighten and yours truly), 4 visiting club members, 31 clubs/associations and 22 specialist suppliers. In addition there was a large indoor boating pool with specialist displays, slots for youngsters to have a go and free sailing time. We respected the two-minutes silence at 11am on Friday 11th and Sunday 13th marked by tuning into Big Ben and closing with a bugler playing the last post. Attendance was very good throughout the whole weekend with lots of very interesting conversations. Make a note in your diary for next year - 10th to 12th November, it’s well worth the trip up the M40. David Wilde

Published on: 15 November 2016