Fewer Vikings seen at Ramsgate

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Headline: Fewer Vikings seen at Ramsgate
Summary: Numbers down for 2017 for both clubs and visitors
Detail: As in previous years PMMC attended the Ramsmsgate Vikings Model Ship Rally. Apparently there was a bit of a change in the makeup of the Ramsgate club since the last rally, this resulted in the club wanting to see more clubs attend but each club having a smaller display. For the first time we had to book our space in advance and were given two 6ft tabels instead of the four we normally have. This meant we could only take a few boats, however it would seem that other clubs ignored this request or were given special permission as they had many more tables than PMMC.

However Tony (& Sheila), Gio, Martin, Stephen and I had a great day with good sailing weather. Visitor numbers were also down which the organisers believed was due to another large event taking place in the town that day. Thanks to all for their support. David Wilde

Published on: 06 September 2017