Mr Bassett and Emily get Gold at Warwick

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Headline: Mr Bassett and Emily get Gold at Warwick
Summary: Two of Stephen Griffiths boats win a Gold medal at the 2017 Warwick IMBS, see photo and article below.
Detail: Both models were from George Turner models as flat pack vacuum forming’s, ie hull in two halves , wheelhouse in 5 pieces and some odd resin mouldings, seagull, ships dog, coil of rope, etc. Both have motors fitted and R/C, the people came from G T Models as well and are now for sale by Mountfleet models, both are 1/24 scale. The larger is called Mr Bassett [it did all sorts] after a small 12ft boat I had with 3hp Villiers engine with variable propeller for ahead and astern, this little launch could move a 12m barge or tow boats and carried plywood and supplies for my 53ft harbour launch. The model was built from the basic hull and deck with things I have seen on many craft in my travels around Europe and the Mediterranean sea, on many small craft that just service harbours for the authorities, laying anchors , towing things , moving buoys etc, it is fitted with working nav lights and a smoke unit in the funnel. The smaller is called Emily P after a friend who was delighted to have a boat called after her, she is heavily modified and added to from basic semi-kit and is representative of many small inshore fishing boats, again seen in my travels. Parts fitted to both came from my Blue Peter box, a Happy Hunter tug, a couple of parts from billings kits, rc 2 channel 27 sets, Mtroniks speed controllers with bec’s and 6 or 7.2 ni cad packs, 385 motors with pulley fitted to set motor aft and outboard of prop tube and O rings to couple the two making more room for nicad packs in front of hull. Each took about 75 hours and gave as much if not more fun than a full kit. Model boat mayhem (check out the following link) [1] is a site worth visiting for a very good forum, also a lot of shows going back a few years have been photo’d and two or three shots of each boat at the show some on the ponds, my kettle being on one of them. Stephen Griffiths

Published on: 25 November 2017