A scorcher of a day

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Headline: A scorcher of a day
Summary: Plenty of sun at Beal Park model boat show
Detail: It has been a long time since I last went to the Beal Park model boat show and recently various people had commented that “it wasn’t as good as it used to be”. As our Chairman had already booked a pitch for the 2018 show I thought I would tag along and see for myself. The weather was great and there were plenty of visitors to the park. Sadly conversations with the general public were few but we had plenty to talk about with members of other clubs. Whilst it was a great venue with an excellent lake the event was more like a club open day than a show for the public, however we enjoyed it so much we have booked a spot for 2019. [Attached are a couple of photos]. David Wilde

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Published on: 07 May 2018