Phoenix take 7 awards at Alfold, 2nd/3rd June 2018

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Headline: Phoenix take 7 awards at Alfold, 2nd/3rd June 2018
Summary: This year, like many previous years, PMMC attended the Charity Model Boat Show at the Springbok Estate, Alfold (a home for retired mariners).
Detail: Most of the model shows we attend are very enjoyable and last weekend was no exception with outstanding weather and very good company, sadly visiting public were rather few. However, this year was rather different as one of our steam powered boats caught fire on the water with flames shooting out once the superstructure was removed on return to the bank. The owner then had a problem with the hull in the water and the superstructure on the bank and both alight, which one to attend to first! The owner very swiftly scooped large amounts of water into the hull then completely submerged the superstructure. Both fires were now out. The damage was severe but not terminal.

Ironically the same vessel (Imara) won 1st place in the Tug competition (judged before the fire), well done Martin on both accounts. Club members then went on to win the following awards: Scale Sail – 1st Peter Shires (Norfolk sailing vessel), with Richard Chesney taking 2nd an 3rd places (Feberge and James Piper Thames barges); Novelty – 2nd place to Jim Passey (duck and ducklings); Scale – 3rd place Gio Corno (North Sea drilling rig); Lifeboat – 3rd place David Wilde (Waveney class). Eleven club members supported the weekend, which was a great turnout. Thanks to all.

Published on: 06 June 2018