Midhurst - Good and bad

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Headline: Midhurst - Good and bad
Summary: Midhurst Show Report
Detail: Yesterday (Sunday 24th June) saw the first Summer Modellers Show at The Grange, Midhurst. As usual Phoenix were in attendance with about a dozen models on display. We had an enjoyable time chatting with other modellers and putting the ‘world to rights’ over a cuppa and of course Jim’s excellent sausage rolls. The show had a wide variety of subjects to interest visitors – marine craft of all types (including a boating pool), tanks with mock battles and full sound effects, Meccano construction, trains, dolls houses, displays of model busses in all scales and war games, plus some limited trade support. However we lacked visiting public, the morning was bad with the afternoon even worse. ‘Thank you’ to the three visitors from Phoenix who made the effort to attend.

I can understand that many would have stayed away to watch the England football match but the lack of visitors at model shows seems to be a growing trend. For many years we had the Brighton Model World, a fantastic show representing every aspect of model making but that has gone due to falling visitor numbers, likewise visitor numbers at Midhurst in February ware poor and attendance at the outside event at Alfold in June was very bad. Regrettably age is an obvious problem – experienced and talented modellers are dropping off their perch at one end but there are no (or very few) youngsters taking up the hobby. We have some 70 plus members of PMMC of which I suspect very few, if any, are under 50. And the same age range applies with model railways, which I’m also involved in. Then the question that applies to all of us is “what are we going to do about it”, or do we just step aside and let this great hobby of ours dwindle finally disappearing in smoke up its own funnel.

Published on: 25 June 2018