Bereavement clearance with any donations to charity - ALL GONE!!!

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Headline: Bereavement clearance with any donations to charity.
Summary: A number of boats for sale. Click headline to see details and phoyos
Detail: Billings Colin Archer complete no TX

Precedent Perkasa 1/24 part built with Torpedo 500

Deans Vosper MTB 37”

Cargo liner 1950’s 54”

Fast launch w’cooled 850,ESC no TX

Also Deans Marine HMS Royal Marine, Tobruck, Bulldog, Tantaside,Destroyer, TID tug and lighter. Two 48” fibre glass MTB type hulls and a 1970s Kevlar Oliver Lee Marblehead yacht.

All need TLC after standing for about 5 years. Please ring Rob Perry 01252 543287

Published on: 23 December 2018