Paddle Steamer Wavereley withdrawn from service!

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Headline: Paddle Steamer Wavereley withdrawn from service!
Summary: Waverley has been withdrawn from service for 2019 and urgently needs new boilers or she will never sail again. The charity urgently need your support now to save this magnificent vessel. PLEASE DONATE TODAY AND HELP SAVE WAVERLEY. See their website
Detail: Those that have, and want to sail on her will be sad to hear that Waverley’s boilers must be replaced urgently if she is to sail again. At this time we warmly appreciate the support from so many people who wish to see Waverley survive.

Waverley Steam Navigation Co Ltd, the owning charity, has very limited resources to fund additional works and is appealing to all those who have sailed on Waverley to help the ship at this challenging time. All funds donated to Waverley will help ensure she returns to steam. We want to preserve this iconic ship but we now need help to ensure she sails on for future generations to enjoy.

All donations, large or small, are greatly appreciated.

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Published on: 11 June 2019