Working boats day

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Headline: Working boats day
Summary: Thanks to those skippers who turned out on this day of great British sport as well as supporting members, their wives and partners.

A good turnout of boats and skippers for the 'Working Boat Day' on a slightly colder day than expected with a light breeze. Lots of fun, and a busy morning on the lake with different vessels on the move.

Detail: Six skippers plus Jim Passey the Duck Wrangler displayed and sailed twelve boats, plus a duck and six ducklings.

We had 7 tugs (Civil and Military), 2 trawlers, a trawler based pilot cutter, a car ferry and a Clyde Puffer as well as towed barges for the tugs. These were not only admired by those present, but by passing members of the public heading for their Sunday lunch in the restaurant.

Published on: 15 July 2019