IMPORTANT! - LATEST UPDATE - Phoenix Marine Model Club and Corona Virus - Covid-19

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Headline: IMPORTANT! - LATEST UPDATE - Phoenix Marine Model Club and Corona Virus - Covid-19
Summary: The terrace area remains closed.

The latest update we have is that the Inn on the Lake is still planning on re-opening in early July. They are not sure yet of the exact date and are currently planning the table layout at 1.5 metres, plus how to maintain social distancing requirements on the outside terrace area. The new bar will be opened and they plan to maximise the seating area on the newly paved island. Subject to their updates and communications the PMMC committee are now planning how we can best integrate the club activities with the Inn on the Lakes plans. The committee will be meeting on the 9th July to discuss the options available. We will update the membership and the website in the next couple of days, or as and when we get further news.

Detail: From Richard C. our chairman's latest newsletter.

A visit to the lake earlier today (Friday 26th) showed no change in the situation there, although I didn't really expect any. The entrance is still barred off, the water level isn't as low as I expected it to be and a large bore pipe is (I presume) aerating the water across part of the front of the jetty.There is a large weed patch immediately in front of the jetty and a lot out into the sailing area we may intend to use. One of the three photos taken is attached.

There are no tables or seats on the new paved terrace and the tall weeds are growing in the front of the paving where we would normally control from and where the race judges would sit and not see anything apart from bees etc collecting pollen.

David and I were ticked off by one of the restaurant staff for being there but we had a good chat with him regards their plans post 4th July. They plan to use 1.5 metre spacing and will be opening the new bar / hut on the Island to spread customers around a bit along with new patio furniture etc to attract customers to the facility.

Sounds good doesn't it!! We will have to wait now until the 4th July and see what the rules for bars and restaurants are and how the 'Inn on the Lake' are implementing them based on todays' plans for the place. But as far as I can see browsing through the rules etc on the Gov coronavirus website (24th June version) we are still restricted to a gathering of no more than 6 with a social distancing of 2 metres.

More updates to come.

Published on: 29 June 2020