Please read the latest update from our chairman Richard.

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Headline: Please read the latest update from our chairman Richard.
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Detail: In line with a number of other organisations we have decided to have a tracking system for get togethers at the lake. There will be a form or hopefully a diary in the box containing the rescue boat that we would request you enter your name and phone contact number every time you attend the lake to meet others. (I would like this in an easier to access waterproof container on the jetty but until we can find one it will be in the storage box behind the fence.)

We are still looking for a suitable lake on which to continue / start deep keel yacht racing.

In light of the Government regulations of Wednesday 16th September (which have probably changed for the worse by the time you read this) we are still not able to have Club meetings at Byfleet Boat Club but we hope to be able to get a few members together at the Silvermere downstairs bar on the October 12th Club meeting evening (ordering and buying coffees/teas at the bar would be appreciated - I know it is more expensive than Carols luke warm brown stuff but it helps the restaurant to keep running).

I will update you on the viability of the gathering closer to the event so keep and eye on the in box of your emails.

In view of the Restaurants use of the lakeside bar on Thursdays to Sundays which severely limit our use of the lake side, we have decide to change the sailing days to Monday and Wednesday - nothing specific sailing but just a chance for 6 to get together and sail and chat (distanced). More than 6 can be achieved by waiting a while and having a coffee on the terrace.

These day changes should only last until late October (about four weeks ) when the bar will not be in use until late March - this is weather dependent as a warm sunny late October may mean they use the bar for a longer period and the reverse for a warm sunny / wet and horrible March/ April.

Once again we "play it by ear" and I will let you know what's what when I know!!

The area around the Jetty is a bit weeded up but the frontage is clear to get out into the main part of the lake which is clear and usable. The water is getting shallower with about 10 inches in front of the jetty and we hope to have a work party to clear more of the frontage. near the jetty.

If you wish to try a deep keel have a rescue boat to hand just in case, thus classic scale keels should be the order of the day.

We will assess the lake condition in March April and if necessary have the weed cutter chappie back to survey the weed situation and cut if required - the Golf centre are also aware of this plan and might beat us to it.

Apparently the Lake is not used to supply water for maintaining the Golf greens etc as we thought, they have a mains water supply and storage tanks for this purpose which costs them a fortune. Therefore as there is no known water feed to the lake we are dependent on rain and groundwater levels to overcome the evaporation maintain the depth, which - as we have had no appreciable rainfall since February - is dropping.

We have lowered the jetty once again so the step in the platform is even greater so BE AWARE of it, and TAKE CARE!

I hope I have got every correct in what was supposed to be a short update. I have an amusing bit from David Wilde's wife Pauline and a bit from Phil Passey on steam simulated water vapour things but that can wait until the next main email.

Please let me know what is going on as things seem to have dropped off a bit.

Regards and good health wishes to you all

Published on: 19 September 2020