Please read the latest update from our chairman Richard.

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Headline: Please read the latest update from our chairman Richard.
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Detail: The latest Covid 19 regulations seem to have put paid to more than six meeting anywhere so that means my plan for a get together at Silvermere in October has gone and it seems the current regulations are for six months!!

And we have to be aware of the numbers at the lakeside on Mondays and Wednesdays. We now have a diary in the storage container so that we can track who has been attending just in case of a confirmed Covid test result.

We have made our annual donation to a charity of Silvermere Golf and Leisures choice and had a thankyou in reply from The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

News from the show world is that not only is the International Model Boat Show at Warwick in November cancelled but so is the London Model Show at Alexandra Palace in January.

A visit to Silvermere this morning Friday 25th September indicated changes in the access to the lakeside.due to Restaurant Regulations introduced by HM Gov. The two access points to the lake side are barriered off with 'no access' and 'The bar is closed' signs The restaurant is table service only and exiting is through the bar and out at the far end - thus now being a one way system.

So whether we can use the lakeside I will find out on Monday 28th and let you know.

Also there is filming at the Lake for a documentary on Thursday 1st October, regarding the development of the 'Bouncing Bomb' so we will not have access even if we wanted it.

Published on: 25 September 2020