Thank You to PMMC members from the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

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Headline: Thank You to PMMC members from the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity
Summary: As you know every year PMMC give a donation to Silvermere's chosen charity. This year we gave £350.00 to the Royal Marsden Cancer Trust, and they have kindly sent us a certificate and 'thank you' note via email. Please click on the headline for more detail and the certificate.
Detail: Hi Martin,

I hope you’re well. I hope you don’t mind but Nigel at Silvermere Golf passed over your email because we wanted to thank you so much for your kind donation of £350.00 towards George and the Giant Pledge, in support of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. I understand this donation was made in lieu of payment for the use of the lake at Silvermere. Please pass on our thanks to everyone in Phoenix Marine Model Club, or anyone who so kindly contributed to this generous gift. We would be happy to send you a thank you in the post, with a small certificate that you can display if you would like, please let me know the best address to send this to if you would like one.

Thank you again for your brilliant support of George and the Giant Pledge!

Kind regards Bea Kerslake

Published on: 30 September 2020