Vic Smeed Starlet - Sold

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Headline: Vic Smeed Starlet - Sold
Summary: Now Sold
Detail: Vic says "I’m sure no one there will remember me, but I was actually one of the founder members of the club, so many years ago. I still build model boats, but mainly static display models these days.

"Anyway, in times gone by, I built a Vic Smeed Starlet which I sailed at Silvermere. The model has been in various lofts over the years and now needs a new home. It’s top mast is slightly damaged (latest move) but easily repairable for a model builder. No one in the family wants it so I am looking to find a good home for it.

"A brief wipe with a cloth reveals the deck planking in its varnished glory. The model is 34 inches long and the mast should be around 48 inches high. All the fittings (including working turnbuckles ) are brass, many custom made. The hull is fully sealed with epoxy and dry as a bone, the keel is weighted with cast lead. It’s been stored for almost 20 years in various lofts, hence the layer of dirt.

"The sail winch and radio receiver are still in the model so with a new battery and tidy up it could be ready to go. I’m not interested in selling it, more interested in donating it to someone who is interested in putting it back in the water and enjoying it.

"If you can let the members know, they can phone me on 07717 460328 and pop round to see it. We are in Walton on Thames these days."

Published on: 01 September 2020