Frostbite Race Series 2015/16 race day 18 December 2019

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Series Name: Frostbite Series 2015/16
Boat Class: IOM

Title: Frostbite Race Series 2015/16 race day
Start: 18 December 2019
End: 18 December 2019
Location: Silvermere Lake
Description: Frostbite 5, postponed from the 4th December, took place in dry conditions with a wind gradually increasing from light to moderate during the day with, of course, the normal holes in the wind. Michael D dominated the early races, from the 7 sailors who raced, but had to retire with equipment problems leaving the way for Laurence N to take the honours for the day. Thanks to Ian and David for looking after proceedings on the last race day of 2019. Happy Christmas to all my readers.


01IOM:53Laurence N51
02IOM:20Allan P47
03IOM:172John Turnbull44
04IOM:74John W40
05IOM:13Michael D33
06IOM:70Terry C29
07IOM:22Hans v L20
Max points system . Best 9 results from 11 races sailed.

Published on: 18 December 2019