Frostbite Series 18/19 race day 16 January 2019

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Series Name: Frostbite Series 2018/19
Boat Class: IOM

Title: Frostbite Series 18/19 race day
Start: 16 January 2019
Location: Silvermere Lake
Description: A wet and breezy day with a number of dead patches. Nine stalwarts enjoyed varying degrees of success, but once again the day belonged to David A. Must do better!Good to see Andrea out with her boat. Our thanks to Ian and David R for looking after the fleet.


01IOM:36David A81
02IOM:13Michael D70
03IOM:69John W65
04IOM:41Roger E54
05IOM:20Allan P53
06IOM:53Laurence N39
07IOM:88Richard C32
08IOM:70Terry C22
09IOM:26Andrea R20
Max. Points system. 11 Races, Best 9 to count

Published on: 16 January 2019