Frostbite Series 18/19 race day 20 February 2019

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Series Name: Frostbite Series 2018/19
Boat Class: IOM

Title: Frostbite Series 18/19 race day
Start: 20 February 2019
Location: Silvermere Lake
Description: Eight sailors enjoyed a mild day with a decent breeze. As usual David A won all but two of the 11 races sailed.Only one more race day in the current Frostbite Series to go - next Wednesday 27th February, your last chance for glory! Our thanks to Ian and David for managing the races.


01IOM:36David A72
02IOM:69John W59
03IOM:53Laurence N57
04IOM:22Hans v L44
05IOM:41Roger E43
06IOM:20Allan P37
07IOM:70Terry C26
08IOM:88Richard C13
Max points system. Best 9 from 11 to count.

Published on: 20 February 2019