Victoria Series 2019 race day 24 July 2019

Series Name: Victoria Series 2019
Boat Class: Victoria

Title: Victoria Series 2019 race day
Start: 24 July 2019
Location: Silvermere Lake
Description: A very warm day with a wind speed and direction that completely ignored what the Met Office predicted. The wind as ever was all over the place in direction, and speed from nothing much to not very much more plus a few odd gusts somewhere in the course area (well you all know what the lake is like at Silvemere)!

A reasonable turnout of 9 skippers for most of the day although there were gaps in some of the races for minor repairs and some unknown and untraceable faults.

As ever there were the inevitable bumps and tangles at the buoys as "water at the buoy" was an unknown term to some skippers and the odd thump or two in straight lines as well. It is surprising how you can learn a few more new nautical phrases at a race meeting!!


1Victoria:43Michael D10
2Victoria:65John W16
3Victoria:22Hans v L20
4Victoria:14Allan P29
5Victoria:01Laurence N31
6Victoria:71Gordon E32
7Victoria:05Terry C36
8Victoria:88Richard C46
9Victoria:49Rex O52

Published on: 25 July 2019
Last modified on 31 July 2019, at 06:36