IOM Summer Series 2019 race day 24 April 2019

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Series Name: IOM Summer Series 2019
Boat Class: IOM

Title: IOM Summer Series 2019 race day
Start: 24 April 2019
End: 24 April 2019
Location: Silvermere Lake
Description: The second race of the IOM Summer Series. On a colder day after the lovely sunny Easter weekend, seven intrepid skippers used their skill and guile to outsmart the weather. As usual the wind created havoc coming from all directions in varying strength depending on what part of the course you were in. The weather forecast threatened rain and did not disappoint. Raining a bit during the middle races for a while, then drying up in time for lunch. Another enjoyable day with plenty of witty and competitive banter. Special thanks to Dave Roberts for overseeing the days racing.


1IOM:13Michael D12
2IOM:22Hans v L14
3IOM:53Laurence N15
4IOM:74John W22
5IOM:20Allan P29
6IOM:51Gordon E38
7IOM:88Richard C40

Published on: 24 April 2019