IOM Summer Series 2019 race day 19 June 2019

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Series Name: IOM Summer Series 2019
Boat Class: IOM

Title: IOM Summer Series 2019 race day
Start: 19 June 2019
End: 19 June 2019
Location: Silvermere Lake
Description: The last race of the IOM summer series again challenged the skill of the intrepid skippers with changeable conditions, which some had more luck with than others. Lots of fun and high spirited banter ensued. Full race series results to be published later this week.


1IOM:13Michael D9
2IOM:53Laurence N16
3IOM:20Allan P23
4IOM:74John W23
5IOM:22Hans v L26
6IOM:88Richard C38

Published on: 19 June 2019