IOM Summer Series 2019

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Series Name: IOM Summer Series 2019
Boat Class: IOM
Description: The final results for the 2019 IOM class race series. Well done to Michael D. for a superb first place; well deserved after a couple of years learning the ropes! Congratulations to the rest of the skippers who took part and were able to complete enough races to appear on the results table.

Many thanks to all those who took part throughout this series and a BIG 'thank you' to the race officials and organisers for making it possible for the races to take place. See you for the next series of races later in the year.

Race DaysLocationDate
IOM Summer Series race day 10 April 2019Silvermere Lake10 April 2019
IOM Summer Series 2019 race day 24 April 2019Silvermere Lake24 April 2019
IOM Summer Series 2019 race day 15 May 2019Silvermere Lake15 May 2019
IOM Summer Series 2019 race day 29 May 2019Silvermere Lake29 May 2019
IOM Summer Series 2019 race day 05 June 2019Silvermere Lake5 June 2019
IOM Summer Series 2019 race day 19 June 2019Silvermere Lake19 June 2019


1IOM:13Michael D4
2IOM:53Laurence N9
3IOM:20Allan P14
4IOM:22Hans v L15
5IOM:74John W16
6IOM:88Richard C25
NPIOM:70Terry C
NPIOM:72Grahame P
NPIOM:15Euan F
NPIOM:146Roger P
NPIOM:36David A
NPIOM:41Roger E
NPIOM:51Gordon E
NP => Not placed as insufficient races, tabled in no particular order:
3 races - Gordon E
2 races - David A, Terry C, Graham P
1 race - Euan F, Roger E, Rod P

Published on: 20 June 2019