Frostbite Series 20/20

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Series Name: Frostbite Series 20/20
Boat Class: IOM
Description: A total of 8 Race days were completed, with 2 discards means the best 6 Race day scores will count.Not all competed on all race days so their scores will only show the total of race days attended.Congratulations to Laurence N on winning the Series closely followed by Michael D.


01IOM:53Laurence N274
02IOM:13Michael D269
03IOM:74John W240
04IOM:20Allan P221
05IOM:172John Turnbull156
06IOM:49Richard C125
07IOM:146Robert P117
08IOM:70Terry C93
09IOM:72Grahame P87
10IOM:36David A54
11IOM:22Hans v L20
Max points system. Best 6 race days to count

Published on: 12 February 2020